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ReBokeh logo including the text ReBokeh and 3 overlapping bubbles that are yellow, green, and blue


Rebecca was only a few months old when she was diagnosed with Oculocutaneous Albinisim. Going through school, she was offered many different assistive technologies that just didn’t quite fit her needs. Despite having significant residual vision, she was only offered tools that attempted to bypass her vision altogether - defaulting to audio only options. At 17, she walked into the offices of a Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired for what had been called a “technology meeting.” She was directed to a large room filled with devices aimed at assisting college-bound students with visual disabilities. Her options? An enormous, overhead-projector-like textbook enlarger with its own computer screen; effectively a huge digital camera/magnifier, and 3 feet tall, for nearly $5,000 - the alternative? An audio recorder. In that moment, she realized how far behind modern day these technologies really were, and how much room there was to improve them. Rebecca founded ReBokeh so that every person with a vision impairment can feel seen, knowing that there is technology available that is truly meant for them.

Why ReBokeh?

Our name is derived from the photography term "Bokeh," a technique in which all light sources are out of focus and blurred. 

Re-Bokeh is re-clarifying of what is out of focus.
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